Printing 18,000 sheets per hour


The design of your packaging is ready. Now we have to get going!
And at ducaju's, we don't hang about.

Thanks to our Heidelberg 6-colour printing press (1060 mm x 750 mm), we achieve:


high production speed continuously up to 18,000 sheets/hour


short set-up times with low loss of infeed sheets


consistent colour quality thanks to the Inline Prinect Inpress Control system

Printing packaging fully computer-controlled


At the inlay of the press, the cardboard pallets slide onto an automatic roller conveyor. The pallet change is fully computer-controlled without human intervention or production stop. At the outlay, the printed sheets are stacked on pallets, with fully automatic pallet change here as well. Result: your packaging is ready in no time at all.

Treatment of raw materials


The acclimatised room guarantees an optimal flow of raw materials. This promotes their processing into a high-quality product. Because your packaging must exceed your wildest expectations.

Climate-conscious production


Power and speed are energy, and energy produces warmth:

  • we recover the residual heat from the compressors

  • to heat the buildings where the finishing and logistics are housed


Do you want a high-performance partner to print your packaging?

Ask our professional advice

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