Finishing your packaging down to the last detail? We will! Below you will discover some of our possibilities.



After printing, the foldable cardboard is punched. Fold lines are formed. Relief can give your product an extra dimension. Even braille and unique coding are possible.


We are equipped with the latest punching machinery to:


position on the image instead of on the edge of the cardboard (this ensures that the cut-out perfectly matches the image)


detach positions for correct finishing and counting (and free from contamination by manual handling)


 meet all requirements and standards within the food sector (using food-safe lubricants and Food-Grade fats)


permanently monitor quality (tempering device keeps the temperature constant)

Folds and glues


Our gluing machines fold and glue the punched-out cardboard into a finished product. The adhesive detection system guarantees excellent gluing. The most complicated boxes? We will glue them for you.



Our window machine can apply windows to PET, acetate, PVC, and biodegradable films in all types of foldable boxes. It is equipped with an error detection system to avoid double or faulty windows or windows that did not adhere properly.

Packaging control by code reading


When folding and gluing your packaging, detectors are at work.They use code reading to check the adhesive seam for these parameters:

  1. Mixing versions
  2. Lack of colour
  3. Colour density
  4. Difference in register when printing
  5. Position of the image on the box
  6. Inclined input
  7. Dual input
  8. Quantity of glue on the longitudinal seam

All deviations are listed in a packaging logbook


Our system checks each individual packaging independently of production speed. This quality test is carried out in a fraction of a second. Do one or more parameters not meet the predefined specifications? That packaging item is then knocked out of the process line by an ejection tool. 


With these extra checks, you can be confident about the quality and processability of your packaging.


Do you need more information about the finishing of your packaging?

Discover our finishing techniques

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