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Luxury base-neck-lid box

A special cardboard luxury presentation box with a base and a lid in combination with a neck. The difference lies in the fact that you slide a lid over the inside construction or neck, so that the lid and the base fit perfectly together.


Opening such a box is an experience in itself. As it takes a little longer, it builds the suspense, and your product becomes more valuable. This is where the unpackaging experience comes into its own!


The best neck box for your luxury packaging

Check with us which neck box is best suited for your product. For jewellery, for example, a flat or square neck box is perfect, while wine or champagne are ideally wrapped in a slim, upright neck box.


Would you like to have different parts of the box slide into one another? Then why not put our creativity to the test. We make a combination box for your product that everyone will cherish with their heart and soul.



luxury presentation boxes

Why buy ducaju neck boxes?

check iconBase and neck lid = fit nicely together
check iconFinish of the sliding system = as per your exact requirements
check iconPrinting neck boxes = standard paper or luxury paper - subtly or fully colour-printed

check icon Finish = laminate, lacquer, foils, interiors, and other possibilities
check iconShape, size, and print run = luxury packaging according to your wishes
check iconFood-safe + environmentally friendly + recyclable = all possible


Luxury presentation boxes. Are you looking for inspiration?


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