Jacob-Jan Du Caju started a publishing and printing company.


The third generation, represented by Jean-Jacques Du Caju, moved to the centre of Aalst (where the first printer in the Low Countries, Dirk Martens, had settled a few years after Gutenberg had invented printing).


Jean-Jacques Du Caju received the "Au Nom de l'Empereur" licence.

Erpe-mere banner


Emery Du Caju, who learned the lettering of lithography (a precursor to offset printing) in England, took over the business.


Valéry Du Caju took over the helm. Despite the difficult years of war and the ensuing national economic crisis, the business continued to expand.


Now began the era of Jean Du Caju, who turned his company into a modern (relief) printing company.


Jacques Du Caju was in charge and started at a new location in Aalst. Drukkerij Du Caju was renamed Du Caju Printing.


Tom Du Caju took over Du Caju Printing in the impressive eighth uninterrupted father-to-son succession. He turned it into a modern, automated company with a focus on food-safe packaging in accordance with a clear quality system.

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