4-punts vouwdozen in vouwkarton


4-point glued folding boxes in folding cardboard

In the case of a 4-point glued folding box, the box - as the name suggests - is glued at four points so that it forms a tray. Because of the gluing, the box has a completely closed bottom.



Combine 4-point glued folding boxes into a base and lid

Combine a 4-point glued folding box (bottom) with a slightly bigger 4-point glued folding box (lid) to achieve an attractive unit. Base and lid can easily be folded together. Such a 4-point glued combination is ideal if the box is used for food, gifts or shipments. How do you show your product through a closed lid? We apply windows in the lid, with or without foil. Different shapes and combinations are possible.



4-punts vouwdoos met bodem en deksel

Why buy 4-point glued folding boxes in folding cardboard from ducaju?

check icon4-point glued folding box = completely closed bottom
check iconTwo 4-point glued folding boxes = perfect combination
check iconPrinting 4-point glued folding boxes 360° = from blank to multi-coloured

check icon4-point glued folding boxes finishes = lacquers, foils, internal sections, windows and other possibilities
check iconShape, size and print run tailored to your needs
check iconFood-safe + environmentally-friendly + recyclable

check iconDelivery = flat-packed = optimal use of space
check iconIdeal for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics


In need of folding box packaging? Are you looking for inspiration?


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