What are comfort masks?

Comfort masks offer excellent protection with optimal wearing comfort and low breathing resistance. They are designed to minimise the transmission of bacteria and viruses. For single use, they are, therefore, safer than reusable face masks. Comfort masks are high-quality nose and mouth face masks for general use, e.g. in schools, public transport,....


DUCAJU comfort masks are ideal for use in:

  • schools
  • government buildings
  • public spaces by private individuals
  • public transport
  • catering sector
  • service enterprises

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What's so special about comfort masks?

Comfort masks offer a high degree of protection in public spaces. They are perfectly suited for daily use, match comfort - hence the name - and offer a high level of protection. Ince they are made with filter material that is different from that used in surgical masks, so the best medical material is kept for our first-line medical staff.


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Specifications comfort masks


  • Nose and mouth protection
  • Single use Low breathing resistance
  • Not suitable for medical use
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • High filter efficiency
  • Dimensions: 175 mm x 95 mm

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Do comfort masks offer better protection than fabric masks?

Absolutely! ‘Fabric' is a very elastic concept, both literally and figuratively speaking. There are, of course, many variations, but it is generally assumed that fabric masks offer a rather weak level of protection.(very often BFE < 50%).


As a general rule, comfort mouth masks must have a BFE of at least 70%, our ducaju comfort nose and mouth masks have a BFE of 90%!


Comfort masks are single-use masks, which greatly reduces the risk of recontamination. In addition, the level of protection does not depend on user discipline. After all, reusable masks need to be sterilised very regularly. Comfort masks don't involve any of this inconvenience. So they are ideal for companies and organisations that want to guarantee high-quality protection for their staff.

Face masks available from stock

  From 50 ex. From 2.000 ex.  From 10.000 ex. From 50.000 ex.
Belgian comfort mask - Price per mask€ 0,46€ 0,36€ 0,29  on request
Comfort mask import - Price per mask€ 0,43 € 0,33€ 0,26  on request
Prices excl. 6% VAT Minimum order quantity: 1 box of 50 face masks. Free shipping within Belgium from 10 boxes or 500 face masks.
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