Strong, with the emphasis on food safety

At ducaju, we develop and produce tailor-made packaging and presentation solutions. These are made from cardboard only, usually in the form of beautiful boxes, displays and binders. That way, we contribute to the success of our customers and to the well-being of people and the environment. We want to be pioneers and strong.


We respect people by emphasising food safety, health and ecology. And we protect the environment by only using recyclable and recycled cardboard, benefiting the sustainability and future of our planet.


1. Company:  since 1729, a deep-rooted base and strong DNA.


2. Developer and producer: everything under our own roof.


3. In cardboard only: niche player with in-depth and broad knowledge.


tailor-made packaging

4. Attractive boxes, displays and binders (more than just ring binders): a premium range with major brands among our customers.

5. People: food safety, health and ecology are vital to us.

6. Environment: recyclable and recycled cardboard, benefiting the planet's sustainability and future.

7. Leading the way: offering quality packaging solutions is our way of saying 'we care'.

8. Our values: STRONG. At ducaju we want to be STRONG, i.e. 'STERK' in Dutch. This acronym stands for: Stability & Safety, Teamwork, Expertise, Respect and full of 'Karakter'.

Our attention to food safety

check iconA significant proportion of our packaging solutions is intended for the food sector, ranging from simple packaging for frozen meals right through to luxurious boxes for chocolates, for example. Our cardboard must always be food-safe.
check iconWe have the right systems and controls in place to ensure that our packaging is suitable for both food and non-food products. Food producers, retailers and catering companies can, therefore, rest assured that their packaging is food-safe.
check iconIt goes without saying that ducaju has developed a documented hazard and risk analysis system (HACCP), which allows us to identify possible hazards for product safety, quality and legislation and, if necessary, to put appropriate measures and controls in place.

check iconWe have specifications available for all raw materials and products we use. In addition, we check traceability both internally and externally, so that we can quickly organise any recalls.
check iconFinally, we ensure that our staff are sufficiently qualified and competent. They receive regular training on food safety and hygiene standards. Moreover, all employees and visitors to the production areas are required to wear appropriate protective clothing.

What certificates can ducaju present?

Certificates and sustainable solutions



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